Required post about adding a widget to my blog.

I just added the Facebook Plugin Widget featuring “Smart Women Role Models” to my blog.

To find the widget option in a WordPress blog you must:

  • Be in your blog’s Dashboard
    • This can be accomplished by typing in your blog’s URL with the word ‘admin’ at the end. Ex:
      • You may need to sign in to move forward.
  • Hover over “Appearance” on the right column of options in your Dashboard
  • Click on Widgets
  • Select the Facebook Page Plugin widgets
    • Widgets are listed in alphabetical order
    • Decide where you want this widget to appear on your blog
    • Click the “Add Widget” button
  • Before proceeding to editing your new widget you’ll need to grab the URL from the Facebook page (this means you gotta be in your Facebook account)
  • Visit the “Smart Women Role Models Facebook” page
    • Copy the page’s URL
    • Paste said URL in the space marked “URL” on the Facebook Plugin Widget option
    • Give your widget a title
  • Click the “Save” button.


You’re done. Stop crying.


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Turning 'The Song of the Lioness' series into films, one book at a time.
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