Required Post About Successes/Challenges of Writing for My Research Project

Thus far, the most difficult aspect of filling in the outline that is my research project has been identifying useful information against useless information (often determined by the credibility of the source) and avoiding being redundant when it feels I have no choice but to be redundant. Also, there’s just a lot of information to move through to determine what is relevant or not. I have not heard back from the emails I sent out asking for details about my subject from friends/family/colleagues who knew her so I am left a little short on some of the more detailed information I am interested in, at least for the moment. Another issue I found with this particular subject matter is that breaking down her research and research methods into language that any random audience member (from anywhere in the world) could understand is a little tricky. I am forced to make a lot of assumptions about my audience that showcase my bias as an American/Westerner (as a tutor to non-American college students I can tell you that references like “peanut butter and jelly” or “Tom and Jerry” don’t translate for foreigners and using those references makes me a douchey tutor).


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