Social Factors


As Kevlar fibre is used in a number of products for both genders, it is difficult to frame the biological impacts Kevlar has. The most famous application of Kevlar is the bullet-proof vest – used by both men and women to protect their chest (specifically the heart and lungs) from low-caliber firearm rounds and stabbings). Use of Kevlar does not vary between the genders.


Although there is no reliable empirical evidence on how Kevlar in bullet-proof vests, specifically, have helped shape society, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence to indicate that the vests made a huge impact on American lives. Police Lt. David Spicer “and more than 3,100 other police officers are members of a “Survivors Club” formed by DuPont and the International Association of Chiefs of Police to promote the wearing of body armor.” (AlJazeera, 2014) Without valid studies to reference, I am reticent to allude to the many areas of contribution that Kevlar has lent itself to. However, I feel it is safe to say that Kevlar and it’s family of fibers (which are fully recyclable) has made a large, lasting, and positive impact on modern society.


What studies have noted cultural influences? How does its country/class/gender of origin change its function or peoples’ perceptions?


Kevlar is used in so many gender-neutral products that I believe the few gender-specific products it has been utilized for do not skew the body of data: thus I don’t believe the economics of the project (creation, production, sale, maintenance, etc.) affect one gender over the other.


Again, without reliable studies to indicate the true impact of Kevlar products, it is difficult to answer questions about how political problems or solution have resulted from the use of Kevlar. I could argue, however, that keeping police officers and military personnel alive in the line of duty is a deeply political issue in the U.S and this application of Kevlar products has led to a great amount of funding for the research and implementation of Kevlar in the various armed forces.


Throughout my research I did not see much mention of Kevlar products being applied to materials used in educational settings. That aside, Kevlar fiber did revolutionize plastics in specific and chemistry in general.